Gymnastics… A Great Foundation

Here at the USGA our focus on fun, safety, and personal progress stimulates children of all ages to participate in physical activities specifically geared towards strength, coordination, and flexibility, all of which will help them to succeed in any physical activity they may choose to pursue. At the USGA, you will find world class coaches that care deeply about developing self-confidence and a sense of achievement. Our dedicated and experienced instructors along with our state-of-the-art facility, will ensure that each child enjoys learning gymnastics in a safe, fun, challenging, and positive environment.

USGA welcomes all ages and abilities. Students come to the USGA for recreation, fun, fitness, self confidences, coordination, social development, competitive training, and an overall outlet for all that extra energy. We strive to develop in our students a positive self-esteem by instilling the values of good sportsmanship, self discipline, respect and accountability.

2015 Shamrock Invitational and Oregon Optional State Championship – session times announced

06 Mar

Hello team parents! 2015 SHAMROCK INVITATIONAL USGA will compete in Session 2 at 4:30pm. Session 1 – Level 3 (Open warm-up: 1:30pm, March-in: 1:50pm) | Kipsters, Precision, Top Flyte, Gym-Nest Session 2 – Level 3, 4, 5 (Open warm-up: 4:30pm, March-in: 4:50pm) | Believe (L4/5), Cedar Hills (L3), Top Flyte (L4), Tri-County (L3/4), USGA (L3/L4), […]

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USGA Overview

Our Mission

Our mission at the USGA is to provide the highest quality of gymnastics instruction to children of all ages and skill levels, while at the same time continuing to promote the sport of gymnastics. At the USGA we commit ourselves to helping children reach their fullest potential and achieve their goals and dreams. We believe that if we teach children that they can achieve, they will remember these lessons for life.

Our Facility

Eugene's finest gymnastics facility. Our gym has over 10,000 square feet filled with a full line of developmental gymnastics equipment as well as full sets of men's and women's apparatus. Additionally, we have several large in-ground foam pits to allow our students to develop new skills in the safest way possible.

Our Programs

USGA has active recreational and competitive team programs. The Recreational Program at the USGA is designed to build a foundation, no matter what future sport or activity your child may participate in, that will allow them to excel. And, both our buys and girls competition teams allow kids to go on the next level, competing not only here in Eugene, but across the state of Oregon and even regionally or nationally.
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Over the past several years my wife and I have seen our two daughters grow and thrive at USGA from doing feet-barely-off-the-ground cartwheels to becoming passionate gymnasts. They are now competing on the USGA girls teams (moving on to levels 5 and 7 now) and they continue to really enjoy the practices, their teammates, and the coaches. As parents, we have been very impressed with the talent and dedication of the coaches and we know that our girls could not have achieved what they have, if not for the high quality of the coaching at USGA. Gymnastics at USGA has given our girls greater self-esteem, the ability to works towards goals, new friendships, and of course fitness. We are very satisfied and can’t see a reason to go elsewhere.

Safe to say, little kids love to run, jump and roll around.  We started our children in gymnastics when they were 18 months old.  Our oldest went on to play many sports and we are sure that the skills and body awareness that he learned doing gymnastics has made him the all-around athlete he is today.  Our youngest fell in love with gymnastics the minute her feet hit the mat and now is enjoying being part of USGA’s competitive team.  The Manolov family and their staff are fantastic at teaching children all the amazing things their bodies can do, while learning the joys of physical activity.